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The Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war, and the few humans left scratch across the barren deserts in search of survival. It is a land where law has no meaning and mutated animals scavenge for flesh. It is the post-apocalyptic world Beyond the Last War.

While the rich flourish in neo-cities high above the nuclear soot, the poor are forced to eek out an existence among a landscape rocked by centuries of conflict and environmental degradation. With the impoverished banished to these decrepit soot cities, street gangs thrive, and rivalries often end in deadly violence.

Join mercenary Johnnie Bernstein as he fights his way across a dystopian world full of bizarre and blood-thirsty creatures, fascist regimes, and deranged barbarian tribes.

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Six years have passed since mercenary Johnnie Bernstein defied all odds to save one man's daughter from the dreaded Demon Queen...

Johnnie never wanted to be a hero. And after a rebellion gone wrong, he's been running from his destiny. Now he's received a job offer that he can't refuse: a job that would have him challenge the supremacy of the infamous Victarian Empire, and plunge him back into a conflict he's come to hate and fear.

The dangers of a post-apocalyptic world have unraveled the once-invincible nation at its edges, and its leaders are more vicious and merciless than ever. Still more sinister forces lurk just beyond Victaria's gates: the cannibalistic Horde, the dark and mysterious Demon Queen, and other enemies long forgotten...

The Empire may be in its final days, but Johnnie's future has never been more uncertain.

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The Last War ended centuries ago, leaving behind a clouded, ochre sky and endless deserts where bloodthirsty mutants scavenge for flesh...

Johnnie Bernstein is a mercenary who just killed a prince. Now he's on the run to the one place his enemies won't follow--the imperial capital of Vienna. It's the last place on Earth he ever wanted to visit, but with Balaskan cavalry trampling at his heels and a wasteland of monsters in every direction, he's out of options.

Drake Kicklighter is a gang lord whose daughter has been kidnapped by the worst mutant imaginable--the dreaded Demon Queen. He'll stop at nothing to get her back, and knows Johnnie might be his one shot at saving her life.

Strapped for cash and in need of safe haven, Johnnie resentfully accepts Drake's job offer. But he's got a bad feeling about this one, and for good reason. A sinister black dog, a cyborg bounty hunter, and the legendary Demon Queen are just a few of things standing in the way of his next paycheck.

This is about to be one hell of a job.

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Our Indiegogo campaign ended in success, but you can still secure  a copy for the next 90 days. Join the adventures of Johnnie Bernstein illustrated by Rolan Reboso with Volume 1 of our new graphic novel series!

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"She comes to kill, she comes to slay, gone to you is the light of day."


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