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The blabbermouth. Antonio loves hearing stories and telling them. He was a simple farm hand who merely dreamed of adventure. Everything changed when he turned sixteen and the Confederacy murdered his parents. Lucky for him, Drake Kicklighter was nearby.

Since then, Antonio's shored up his skills with the sniper rifle (from when he used to pick off skimpies and maulers in his parents’ fields), and has become a legendary member of the Cheaters in his own right. With an aim matched only by the elite snipers of Balaska’s Iron Corps, Antonio has racked up dozens of kills over the years.

And yet Antonio remains humble. He loves Chica with all his heart, admires Johnnie Bernstein more than anyone else in the world, and does right by his friends. He is both tenderhearted and reliable in a pinch. The right combination of heart and skill.

Antonio Giuseppe: About
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