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The ever-present voice of reason. A quiet shoulder to cry on. An invaluable ally on the battlefield. Chica is many things, though she is still quite mysterious even to her closest friends. Even her origin is a mystery. While Drake was out one day drinking at Crazy Jake’s—a popular Soot Viennese bar—Chica just showed up and asked to join the Cheaters.

Drake was skeptical at first, but as she turned out for mission after mission, continued to take orders silently and obediently, and performed fearlessly and effectively in combat, he soon realized just how much of an asset she really was.

While she doesn’t have much to say, she is the glue that holds the Cheaters together in the darkest times. She listens carefully. She understands everyone’s perspective. She perceives the world with a clarity others would gawk at. For some it is difficult to see the value of introversion, but Chica makes it obvious to all the world.

Chica: About
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