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Crazy Jake's

A lawless bar in the center of Soot Vienna, Crazy Jake’s hosts a hodgepodge of rebels, soldiers, merchants, and farmers. Both Drake Kicklighter and the infamous gangster, Barg, are regular visitors, using a network of informants and the natural exchange of information to their benefit. The town’s top information broker, Corley Oppenheimer, was known to spend most of her day at Jake’s counter before the construction of her villa at the edge of town.

Whether its patrons are hosting a rebel rally, auctioning off a shady mark, or just gambling on a good, old-fashioned bar fight, there’s never a dull moment to be had at Jake’s. In a city overshadowed by the specter of Neo Vienna and Victarian rule, it’s one of the few safe places left to conduct black market deals and blow off steam.

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