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Once a loyal servant of Emperor Tyrannis, and first proponent of imperial rule, Drake only learned of the criminal treatment of Victaria’s soot slickers late in his adulthood. His revelation was all thanks to the love of his life, Sara.

An undying activist for wealth and power equality, Sara taught Drake all about the horrors of Soot Vienna and the many other townships suffering under imperial control. Drake was enamored by her compassion and strength of will, and slowly came to accept her perspective as their relationship budded into marriage.

Nonetheless, Drake remained a patriot of the Empire as a force for stability and would stop at nothing to defeat the Eastern Horde in order to secure Victaria's future. Under his leadership, the Empire dealt blow after blow to their enemies until his allegiance to Sara’s “treasonous” ideology was discovered.

It was then that this pupil—Lord Alexander Xavier—betrayed him. After being banished from the neo city and forced to live out the rest of his days in the soot world, Drake continues to do everything in his power to make Victaria a better place.

Drake Kicklighter: About
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