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Most soot slickers know well the tale of the Great Johnnie Berstein's rise to fame: his triumph over the kill squad sent to eliminate him in that fateful tavern in Stella. This story, however, has been blown out of proportion. Some renditions even have Johnnie killing Victarian angels with his bare hands.


The truth is, Johnnie Bernstein was an orphan of Tavaux, a small village in northeastern Treem. He had a brutal upbringing by the nuns who ran the sanctuary. At the tender age of 12, he ran away. Afterwards, he was kicked around from village to village, until he finally joined the Treemean Army at fifteen. He served as a pikeman until he was twenty-one, and ultimately deserted. By then, he'd learned to fight.

It wasn't unitl the kill squad came, however, that he realized what he was truly capable of.

Since then, Johnnie has made a name for himself the world over as the premier Confederate-killer. He has taken on countless missions in defiance of the new world order.

Johnnie Bernstein: About
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