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For reasons unknown, the nuclear missile destined to strike Kiel from the days of the Last War never hit its mark, making this city the last bastion of full-bodied ancient architecture. It was from this stronghold of survival that the Kingdom of Balaska took shape. It is also home to the world’s only genetic repository, housing the DNA from creatures both past and present.

It was from this repository that Balaska was able to revive and modify species such as the present-day razor and trihorn for combat. But while Kiel is an impressive reminder of days gone, it was not central enough to remain the capital of the burgeoning kingdom for long. Eventually, “the old capital” (as it is now called) was replaced by the city of Murbach. However, Kiel still hosts one of the largest populations of any contemporary metropolis with some of the best living conditions.

It continues to be a pivotal port and naval epicenter for Balaska to this day.

Kiel: About
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