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The Demon Queen's Lair

Though the Demon Queen herself is considered by some to be little more than a legend told by soot slickers frightened of their own shadows, the topic of her lair—whether it be real or imaginary—is a subject of hot debate. No one except the Voeting—a tribe of a polar region known only as “The Vast”—was cognizant of its actual location…that was, until Drake Kicklighter was gifted a map by the demon, Rak.

Desperate to save his daughter from a mutant he once thought mythical, Drake hired the infamous mercenary, Johnnie Bernstein to travel with him to the far reaches of the north. It was there where Johnnie discovered the true horrors of the mutant’s icy realm, and her intentions for the many souls she claimed over the years in the dark of night.

The Demon Queen's Lair: About
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