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There were once many canids that roamed the battered remains of human cities after the conclusion of the Last War, but beyond clacktracks—who were driven into the mountains by terrified soot slickers—maul dogs soon eliminated their competition. It is easy to see why. With nine, venom-barbed tails and hulking legs, they are supreme predators.

Less known to the average soot slicker, however, is that maul dogs can make for loyal and long-time friends! Though few people are intrepid enough to domesticate these lethal beasts, those who have were not disappointed. Maul dogs will attach themselves to dominant human masters as they would an alpha of their own species and defend their new pack at all costs.

Even so, it is best never to show any weakness around a mauler (as they are sometimes called). They are fast to a fight, and while members of their own species are highly resistant to their venom, human beings are not. Never look a mauler straight in the eye! It will kill you.

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Maul Dog: About
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