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Neo Vienna

Legend has it that the neo city descended from the heavens to protect the people of the soot. Stilted high above the persistent clouds of dust that dilute the sun, and with soldiers who brandish weapons and armor far beyond the understanding of the people of Soot Vienna, this paradise in the clouds certainly appears otherworldly.

Ports surrounding the city host some of the world’s only airships, while heavy batteries defend it against anyone who dares approach from beneath. These same guns buffer the people of the soot from the scratis swarms that nearly drove humanity to extinction on two separate occasions, and remain an imminent threat to desert travelers to this day. Its shield protects it from storms, such as Raging Earth, that would otherwise wipe Soot Vienna off the map.

But such defense comes at a cost. Divided from the rich, and incapable of ever reaching Neo Vienna’s hallowed halls, the people of the soot have no say in how their government is run. The desires of the neo city always come first, even if it means the people of the soot must pay the price in blood.

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