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Above all, Quick Shot is a firebrand; a voluptuous and fearless gunmaiden who never leaves home without a revolver. Her name is second on the lips of every gangster in Soot Vienna: right after Drake Kicklighter—the leader of the Cheaters.

Quick Shot spent the better half of her life trying to escape from the gutters of Soot Vienna. Prized for her beauty from a horrifyingly young age, she was sold into slavery by her parents when she was just six years old. She was passed from gang to gang until Drake finally killed her captors and asked her to join the Cheaters.

Despite her miserable youth, Quick Shot never lost her warrior’s spirit. Naturally talented with the revolver, and well trained in close-combat by her newfound friends, she has been a valuable and loyal ally since the Cheaters' inception.

Quick Shot: About
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