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On the streets of Soot Vienna, nothing strikes more terror into the heart of the people than a razorik. To be devoured by its mouth of toothy stalks is said to be one of the most painful deaths imaginable. Not only is a razorik’s venom incredibly potent, the creature will often bind and break its victims' bones with its muscular body. Then its toothed tongues do their work, tearing away the prey's flesh as they pull the unforunate creature deeper into the razorik's gullet.

While razorik occupy only the darkest recesses of night, they hunt with voracity and will even slither quietly into the homes of unexpecting victims.

This means that it is quite possible for a soot slicker to go to bed in her shanty, thinking she is safe and sound, only to awaken to the worse fate imaginable. This thought preoccupies the nightmares of every man and women who live in the poorest parts of Soot Vienna.

Razorik: About
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