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After the final bombs of the Last War had fallen, humanity faced a new nightmare: the scratis. They were relentless, massive insects equipped with venom claws that liquefy organs, armored carapace, and the strength to flip a truck upside down. Nest upon nest arose all across the post-apocalyptic deserts.

Ceaseless waves of these rapidly reproducing monsters annihilated entire towns. The foundations of the Confederacy arose from the chaos. What followed were known as the Scratis Wars. 

Countering these new monstrosities required all the ingenuity humankind could muster, and even then, the fledgling Confederacy was forced to consolidate time and again. Soon, only three cities remained: Vienna, Kiel, and Stella.

After the last bullet casing of the war hit the desert sands, the Confederacy employed brutal, genocidal methods to cull the remaining hordes. However, many scratis still lurk in the dark, dry caves of the desert, waiting for the opportunity to swarm again...

Scratis: About
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