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Treem is an industrial powerhouse that has chosen to leverage its incredible ability to manufacture weapons of war as a political tool to avoid direct conflict with the Eastern Horde. By supplying armored vehicles, weapons for foot soldiers, and aircraft to both the Victarian Empire and the Kingdom of Balaska, it needn't contribute anything more than minimal manpower to the front itself.

This is not to say, however, that Treem is incapable of defending itself. On the contrary, its regulars and mighty Foreign Legion, were key players in turning the tide of the Scratis Wars by baiting and locking the Western Swarm behind the Gate to the Western Wastes: an extraordinary feat of bravery, strategy, and battlefield tactics.

Civil Wars and revolutions have racked Treem's lands since the beginning of its existence. The Commonwealth itself is nothing more than a loose oligarchy forged from the dominant corporations who drive the state's industry. Constantly vying for political power and means of control through the Victarian and Balaskan governments, each corporation strives to create the latest and greatest weapons to stay one step ahead of its competitors.

The Commonwealth of Treem: About
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