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The Dark Sector

There are places in the world Beyond the Last War that no person should ever venture. The Dark Sector of Soot Vienna is one such place. Its skies are perpetually black; its streets rife with rot, and deadly mutants like razorik hiss from the ruins. Even Victarian soldiers refuse to enter this forsaken place.

It is also the home of Barg’s bandits. A human mind in a clacktrack’s body, the gangster Barg took the lonely mansion atop the darkest hill as his own. It is his ability to exert control over the man-eating razorik, and his wretched horde of the city’s worse criminals and freaks that empower him to survive here. It was from the Dark Sector that he challenged Drake Kicklighter and his allies to a deathmatch for control of Soot Vienna’s underworld.

During that same war Drake lost his daughter, Bridgett, to the dreaded Demon Queen, setting Beyond the Last War: The Wayward Mercenary into motion.

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