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Actually a grand alliance of tribal nations that refuse to submit to Confederate rule, the Eastern Horde--as they are known to the Confederacy--are warriors unmatched in bravery and ferocity. For centuries the Confederacy has labeled them pillagers, rapists, murderers, and even cannibals. There is some truth these claims, but any monstrous qualities the Horde has adopted have been fostered by the unremitting, daily violence of their physical and political environment.

It was Victaria that declared war on the Horde, not the other way around. By painting the outlander tribes with such broad, ugly strokes, the Empire diverted the attention of soot slickers away from their own abuse, and reminded them why they needed Neo Vienna's angel knights to protect them.

Much is still unknown about the Horde's true intentions.

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The Eastern Horde: About
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