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The brutal treatment of the people of the soot has inspired rebellion against the Confederacy countless times, and each time, it has been crushed beneath heavy boots. It wasn’t until the visionary, Isabella Martinez, began to unite the many dissident factions of the Kingdom of Balaska that any sort of proletariat uprising really stood a chance.

The Underground is more than just a single movement. It is an alliance of many dissident voices that span cities across the Confederacy, and which hosts a massive base right beneath the Balaskan capital of Murbach—the most militarized metropolis in the world. There is one thing that all the factions of the Underground agree upon, though—the Confederacy’s days of tyranny are numbered. It was the Underground who hired Johnnie Bernstein to assassinate the cunning Prince Schwarz, and the Underground who continues to defy and elude Victaria, Balaska, and Treem where all others have failed.

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The Underground: About
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