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The Empire of Victaria was founded on a legendary city said to have been able to float above the clouds, and thus escape the chaos of the Last War. It was theorized Neo Vienna (as it is now known) was a project of the old world’s wealthiest one percent, who had successfully predicted the coming conflict and wanted to ensure their own safety and quality of life. Whether this city ever actually floated, or whether it was simply constructed after the war, is the subject of great controversy. Regardless, it now rests atop massive supports that extend high above the clouds of soot that blanket the Earth.

It is from this city that the famous Victarian angels were bred for the purpose of serving as imperial knights. Nearly unstoppable themselves, angels pilot mechanical suits with swords capable of splitting tanks in two and shields strong enough to stop rockets. Their jetpacks, missile launchers, and laser weapons have led the Victarian army to complete supremacy over the other nations of the Confederacy and the Eastern Horde.

Unsympathetic to the world beneath, the Victarian Empire is an advanced resurrection of the worst kind of feudalism. The nation demands complete and utter submission from its subjects in exchange for its protection.

The Victarian Empire: About
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