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The Voeting are a tribe of monks who live in the mountains of the Vast. They lived here long before the landscape turned to night and ice, and still they remain. Thanks to their goddess, the Emerald Dragon, the Vast was once the only region on Earth that continued to thrive after the end of the Last War. Its skies remained clear of the nuclear soot and pollution that shrouded the rest of the world, and its lands were rich in all forms of life.

The Voeting saw themselves as guardians of this natural paradise, and protected and nourished the Emerald Dragon in return for her many blessings. Everything changed when the Kingdom of Balaska shattered their hallowed peace. The ruthless Prince Schwarz and his armies crossed the Skaggerak and nearly drove the Voeting to extinction.

In the final battle, the cunning prince finally laid the Voeting goddess low.

However, in her place rose the dreaded Demon Queen, who chased Prince Schwarz’s forces from the land and created a lair for herself in the frigid mountains. The sky grew black, and all life perished save the Voeting and their faithful bjonks. The Voeting live in the winter darkness to this day, praying that their Emerald Dragon might someday return and free them from this curse.

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The Voeting: About
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